Maroon is delighted to announce its partnership with FINCAD, the provider of market leading financial analytics software. Starting February 2012, Maroon will be supporting clients across Southeast Asia*, providing consultancy, sales and technical support for:

FINCAD Analytics Suite - Get up and running out of the box with the industry's most comprehensive analytics library.
F3™ - Redefining the world of financial analytics with the most advanced financial analytics library available today.
Insight Solutions - Automated reporting solutions for treasuries. Online, scalable and affordable.

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Hours: 9am SGT to 6pm SGT. For out-of-hours support, please click here.

*Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Brunei


FINCAD's complete product coverage includes all asset classes:
• Fixed Income - Includes government debt & bonds, range accruals, floaters and MBS.
• Interest Rates - Includes various types of swaps and swaptions.
• Credit - Includes baskets, CDS, CDOs, indices and options on credit instruments.
• Equities - Includes Asian, cliquet, multi-asset options, total return swaps and volatility.
• Foreign Exchange - Includes binary & barrier options and volatility.
• Commodities - Includes Asian, barriers, forwards, futures, swaps and swaptions.

The valuation and risk models allow both front and back-office to:
• price derivatives,
• measure counterparty exposure and risk,
• perform scenario analysis and stress testing,
• confirm dealer pricing,
• benchmark against other systems,
• calculate value-at-risk (VaR), and
• mark-to-market positions and portfolios.


• Customised workbook solutions to address your specific risk and pricing needs.
• Co-development of analytics not covered by FINCAD's extensive library.
• Integration of FINCAD solutions within existing systems.
• Customised training, tailored for your data and portfolio.

F3 - Award winning Risk Platform

FINCAD Analytics Suite for Excel is the industry's most comprehensive financial analytics library available. With extensive cross asset coverage of derivatives and fixed income vanilla instruments, you can quickly and easily generate accurate valuations for your management and customers.


FINCAD Analytics Suite for Developers allows you to enhance existing systems or provide independent verification with the comprehensive, market-tested FINCAD Analytics Library. Extensive development tools help reduce your time-to-market. Available for Excel VBA, VB.Net, C, C++, C# and Java.


F3 for Excel is a leading-edge, object-oriented financial analytics platform that offers the ultimate flexibility to price and model virtually any complex trade or portfolio. With its highly efficient grid-enabled architecture, F3 can be scaled to any level of production to accommodate even the most resource-intensive needs. Also available for MATLAB®.


F3 SDK is a software development kit designed for high-performance risk and pricing. Your software developers can embedd F3's performance and flexibility into your proprietary systems, giving you fast results on your calculation-intensive portfolios and trades. F3 SDK helps you expand to virtually any level of production and, being grid-enabled, multi-threaded and multi-core compliant, it is highly scalable. Available for Excel VBA, VB.Net, C, C++, C# and Java.


Hedge Accounting Insight™ is FINCAD's Software-as-a-service solution to risk management, providing automated reporting solutions for treasuries. The Insight product line is the first web-based system to seamlessly bridge the gap between prudent derivatives risk management strategies, accurate financial reporting and the necessary accounting disclosures. With affordable and scalable pricing for organizations of all sizes, Hedge Accounting Insight™ and Fair Value Insight® help to lower the cost of ownership, reduce the risk of errors and financial restatements, and automate derivatives and hedging reports.

Fair Value Insight®
Built upon FINCAD's industry standard analytics and ICAP's unrivaled market data, Fair Value Insight enables corporate treasuries, banks, asset management firms and other financial and non-financial institutions to address their needs for better risk management and regulatory compliance. It provides valuations for interest rate, FX, commodities, OTC derivatives, and debt securities, ensuring valuations are transparent and accurate. Fair Value Insight offers best practices valuation processes through automated reporting capabilities, allowing users to leverage a consistent valuation process with reports automatically delivered via email as frequently as needed. Portfolio-level valuations enable users to stay up-to-date with their derivatives positions, enabling them to react more quickly to changes in their net derivatives positions and audits.

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