Financial services providers are striving to provide best services to their clients. This focus on their core competencies is however hard to maintain as increasingly complex regulatory requirements absorb valuable resources. Maroon’s Compliance Practice offers financial institutions the expertise and support to keep on top of financial regulation and to maintain high ethical standards while they dedicate their capacities to providing their best services to their clients.

Compliance Support and Outsourcing
Expert support for compliance functions – ranging from advice on specific challenges or drafting of specific policies to full outsourcing of compliance functions – fit to meet the type and size of the specific financial services business.

Internal Audit and Independent Reviews
Assessments of the entire operations or specific processes to provide senior management, the board of directors, shareholders and other stakeholders assurance that operations are working properly, comply with regulatory requirements and risks are adequately managed.

Workshops and trainings to enhance the awareness and knowledge of the employees of financial services providers, in particular on anti-money laundering.

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